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We are a small family concern producing handmade home wares from rare exotic and various selected timbers. All our items are specially designed and beautifully crafted to add ambience to your homes, office, motels, restaurants etc. We can specifically Design to suit your decor – from classical, contemporary or modern vogue.

Our friendly team proudly supports Australian made and thrives for quality as our benchmark

We constantly strive to achieve new ideas and fresh design concepts, researching and sourcing for the best methods to utilize our timbers avoiding wastage. Our resource of solid Australian timber and other exotic timber from around the pacific regions gives this highly skilled artisan a flare of design and creativity.

We at Aussie Woodcraft Design, have value in respecting our nature’s gift of life---forest trees. Therefore, we use timber from growth for harvest or rare species found to be wasting away. We also use very old recycled timber rescued from warehouses, and roadside!!!.

Our vision is of a sustainable market, where we work as one with the environment, rejuvenating unwanted waste
timbers into individual masterpieces to illuminate any home with warmth and ambience.

Our mission is product quality and Customer Satisfaction. We have great pride to be unique.